Data Entry 8

12 Noon

If, one day, I wake up next to you, with your hair sticking up all over the place and I trace the lines of your face with my eyes, and dare to caress the exalting beauty by my side, that would be the cherry on top, my dreams come true.

But if in the future someone else does so. I hope you’re contented and fulfilled, the same way I feel everytime I spend a moment with you. I hope that your heart doesn’t just beat faster and harder but also stable and sure. I hope that the passion burning beneath your eyes, burning fuel that raises your limbs to walk, will never be extinguished. That would still be my dream come true.

Whether we find what we’re looking for in each other or in someone else, I hope, from the deepest crevices of my being, you’re happy.

Love is not just me nor just you, but us. And so I also hope you wish me happiness as I do with you.


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